Friday, August 29, 2014

i2s CELEBRITY FAVES: 2014 Emmy Awards

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With the Emmys  having taken place in the last week, below are a few of my favorite red carpet looks.
Kerry Washington
Michelle Dockery
Lizzy Caplan
Angela Basset
Kate Walsh

Mindy Kaling
January Jones
Octavia Spencer
Lena Heady
Melissa McCarthy

Who was your favorite? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


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The end of August is nearing and I can't believe how fast time has flown. Life lately has been extremely busy. Yesterday (when this post should have gone up) was a crazy day hence the delay in putting this up. It was baby's clinic day and I wasn't feeling too well myself. I think exhaustion was kicking in. So I decided to take the day off and relax-did some reading and a lot of sleeping. I'm feeling a little better today so I'm back in business.

Miss Elly
Elly is now 5 months old. Can you believe it? 5 months! I can't! Where is the time running to? Yesterday while at the hospital, the nurse was educating me on how to start weaning her when she turns 6 months next month! I am in awe. She's grown so much. I have been looking at photos of her from the time she was born up until now and cannot believe how far she has come. She's extremely talkative now (baby talk) and has just discovered that her hands can move around. She now grabs at things and has developed a liking for wires (USB cables, laptop chargers and earphone wires) and her toes! Whenever we are sitting near my laptop, she will inevitably go towards the wire(s), grab hold of it and proceed to put it in her mouth. Just the other day she tore off a page from my diary and was just about to eat the paper when I stopped her.
She has also discovered that when the phone is on, she can move her fingers across the screen and the images there will change. There was a time she was actually screaming for the phone to be put on since the one she was being given had a dark screen. Did I mention that she can sit without support now?
Elly smiles a lot more now and has the cutest little laugh. It's more of a giggle and you have to work hard to get her to actually do it but it's the cutest. My heart just melts when I see her so happy. I have been told that she has a smile like mine! Her best days are when she has been taken out. I think she doesn't like the indoors too much and would much rather go out every day. Which brings to mind a recent trip my sister and mum and I took to Nakuru to visit my other sister a few weeks back. We took Elly with us as well and had a blast. We were back in Nairobi on Saturday evening and on Sunday had to attend my aunt's function. Of course baby enjoyed herself but that night she cried so much. You see she was extremely tired and as I have been made to understand, she was uncomfortable (itchy eyes) and very sleepy hence the crying. She eventually slept, much to my relief. All in all, I really enjoy having this little lady in my life.

Blogging and business

Ever since I became a mum, I have been thinking about what direction I want my blog to take. After struggling to get back on my feet with my new post-baby body and learning how to dress it, I have decided to use this space as a source of inspiration for women, who like me, are trying to find their best style options. I have been scouring different sites for fashion inspiration and decided to start Momma's Closet a series whose only purpose is to put together different clothing options for mothers. I will also delve into the world of make-up because as much as I would like to tell myself that I am still very young, I am at a different stage in my life than say my sisters and so I would like there to be a distinction in the way we put ourselves together, clothes and make-up. Momma's Closet is my way of experimenting with new styles and hopefully inspire some mothers to take up this challenge as well.
***I am also looking for mothers to feature in this series. Please mail me at inchestostyle[at]gmail[.]com.
Another post that I have realized is doing quite well is the Plus-Size Fashion series. So you can expect to see more of this come September.
September is one of my favorite months. It's my birthday month, Elly turns 6 months and my blog turns 3. I have something extra special planned for you all next month so be sure to drop by.

What was your favorite moment on the blog this month? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MOMMA'S CLOSET: What to Wear When Breastfeeding

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***Momma's Closet is a series dedicated to all mothers. My goal is to give you fashion inspiration: clothes, shoes, bags, make-up, etc. I aim to help mothers understand how to make fashion work for their changed bodies and find style inspiration from other mothers.

When it comes to breastfeeding, especially in public, the fear that people are watching you can make the experience extremely daunting. I know because I have been there. Breastfeeding in public as a first-time mum made me so anxious I would not have enough milk for my little girl. This was mostly because I thought people were looking at me when in fact nobody was particularly interested. To avoid feeling like I was over-exposing myself, I taught myself how to dress in an appropriate way that would make feeding Elly easier and would ensure that I was sufficiently covered up.
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Recently actress Olivia Wilde was featured in Glamour magazine breastfeeding her son and many women not only identified with her but also said that it was good to see a celebrity embracing breastfeeding and that in, public. While you may not fancy bearing your bare chest like she did, below I've rounded up a few of my tried and tested tips and tricks that make breastfeeding so much easier.

Buttoned dresses
Read full outfit post here
I wear dresses A LOT so when I got my baby, I had to acquire some that either hard buttons or zippers in the front. My biggest secret for covering up is to wear a spaghetti strap top beneath my dress/shirt so that when I open up my buttons, I pull up the top/vest and it acts as a cover-up (Elly hates having a sheet/shawl over her head so we have come up a solution that makes us both very happy).
Read full outfit post here
Vintage dresses like the polka dot one above are among my favorites. Ones with open-able fronts are quite easy to find (I am selling some. Email me at inchestostyle[@]gmail[.]com if you would like any).


You know that wrap-dress you wore during your maternity period, you can keep wearing it post-baby since it has a front opening. The jersey-knit variety are even better since they stretch easily and you won't have to worry about opening it up too far that you accidentally undo the tie-strings.

Boyfriend Shirts
 Yes, you can raid your boyfriends'/husbands'/brothers' wardrobe and add a few shirts to your post-baby wardrobe collection. Pair your boyfriend shirt with a skirt (pencil, skater or even maxi), strappy sandals and some pretty earrings. Or you can wear it with your pencil jeans or pants and look chic while breastfeeding.

Blazers and cardigans

Read full outfit post here
In the event that I wear a t-shirt or top that can't be opened up at the front, many times I wear a blazer or cardigan so that I don't expose my sides or back while breastfeeding.

These are just a few tips and tricks that I have adapted while breastfeeding. While they may seem obvious, it doesn't hurt to have a little guideline (even though it is not exhaustive).

What has your experience been like? Did you have to get a whole new wardrobe to make breastfeeding easier like I did? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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